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We began GRN MKT with a belief that there are natural alternatives to medication to help people live better.

GRN MKT Founder, DeRohn Mitchell, suffered from back issues (probably from old sports injuries). Over time, the pain had grown so debilitating that he was regularly taking a range of prescription medications from Naproxen, to Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Cortisone injections. These drugs sometimes reduced the pain, but they also caused side effects ranging from sleep deprivation to affecting his ability to spend quality time with his four children. When he heard about CBD as a natural alternative, he decided it was time he looked into it.

After three years of extensive research across the U.S., he discovered that the benefits of CBD products were astounding – providing relief for individuals suffering from chronic & acute pain and more. However, the existing market was disappointing – the purchasing experience was filled with seedy profiteers making exaggerated claims about efficacy as a cure all.  Product, packaging, and dosing were unsophisticated and inconsistent.  Both sellers and purchasers lacked clear and relatable understanding of products.

As a result, GRN MKT was formed to be a trusted source of an extensive variety of quality alternative products and accessories. Our goal is to provide superior service, and to serve a wide range of customers – from medical patients in need of relief, to advanced enthusiasts, or to newcomers who want to learn more about the wonderful benefits CBD has to offer.